Get Your Geek On, Pop Culture Kitchenware Take Over


Are you a huge Star Wars, DC Comic or any other super fan? At the recent IHHS, pop culture kitchenware is ready to take over your kitchen cabinets.

Whether you look at box office receipts, hot topics on the news or your social media feed, pop culture icons, like Marvel or Star Wars, are featured. But, why should all those iconic characters be left to the big screen or comic book pages? As seen at the recent International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS) in Chicago, pop culture kitchenware soon will be taking over homes.

So many series and characters have fiercely loyal fans. Never mix up Star Wars with Star Trek or Marvel with DC Comics. The mistake could cause a fracture to a longstanding relationship.

For these fiercely loyal fans, many companies are offering a wide array of products to foster fan loyalty. From cooking to setting the table, everyone can showcase their fandom with this pop culture kitchenware.

Star Wars Toasters, photo from Pangea Brands

Wake up with the Force

What gets you going in the morning? Coffee, Red Bull, or Darth Vader? Luckily, many housewares companies are putting your favorite characters into the morning meal.

One of the most fun new housewares was the character pancake art. With a little help from the DancakesSelect Brands served a wide variety of character pancakes. To be released later this year, home cooks can create Wonder Woman, Storm Trooper or plethora of characters. Complete details on this new product will be released later this year.

For a quicker bite, how about some Star Wars toast. Pangea Brands offers a various Star Wars themed toasters. Let Darth Vader, a stormtrooper or even the Death Star invade your morning toast. These toasters retail for approximately $49.99 at select stores.

Wonder Woman Collection, photo by Zak Designs

Set the table with a superhero

Let’s face it, plates and cups can be boring. Why not add some fun to the table with superhero cups and plates. Zak! Designs offers a wide array of Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel and more designs for the kitchen. From Star Wars plates and bowls to DC Comics shot glasses, your tablescape will never be boring again.

Mix and match pieces together or use a particular character for every member of the family. Zak! Designs are available online or at various retailers.

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Star Wars Immersion Blender, photo from Pangea Brands

Blend like a Jedi

Sometimes cooking in the kitchen could use a little extra power. With the Pangea Brands Lightsaber Immersion Blenders, cooks and Star Wars fans can blend, whip and mix up favorite treats. Designed to reflect Star Wars lightsabers, these immersion blenders make quick work of any job. Immersion blenders are perfect for smoothies, soups, and batters. Using this tools alleviates the need to use a freestanding blender. Star Wars Lightsaber immersion blenders retail for $34.99 at select stores.