#TravelTuesday: Sip And Savor South Beach Inspired Cocktails


Spring Break, girls’ getaways or romantic escapes are picture perfect in South Beach. With South Beach inspired cocktails you can sip and savor the flavors without plane ticket.

From picturesque beach scenes to the art deco architecture, Miami’s South Beach is a top destination for sun and sand lovers. Add in the impressive nightlife and dining scene, the area around Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive is hopping almost every hour of the day. During the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival, the area is filled with parties, dinners and beachside bashes. If you missed the event, don’t worry, you can sip and savor South Beach inspired cocktails.

During the Director’s Welcome Reception at the 16th South Beach Wine and Food Festival, guests sipped and savored a variety of cocktails and wine. Perched on the roof of the Betsy, the sweeping views of the city and the beach, the cocktails prepared guests for the food and drink indulgence ahead.

If you didn’t get to attend or you’re looking to remember that terrific weekend, a South Beach inspired cocktail is waiting for you.

South Beach Inspired Cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble

When sitting on the beach or relaxing in a warmer climate, a refreshing, lighter cocktail is imperative. Skip the super sweet, creamy cocktails. Besides killing your palate, these types of cocktails can leave you bloated and sleepy. A brighter, even herbaceous, cocktail can keep the libations going.

The Director’s open at South Beach Wine and Food Festival featured three South Beach inspired cocktails that will transport you to those warm sandy beaches.

Gin can be a great warmer weather spirit. A Classic G&T is refreshing and bright. A basic recipe combines 1 part gin to 2 ½ parts tonic with a lemon peel. A slightly bitey gin, like Fifty Pounds, can balance the sweetness of the lemon.

The key to a good gin and tonic is tart and sweet. Sipping on this cocktail can make the sun seem less sweltering than it is. For a new spin on a classic gin cocktail, add a few floral ingredients like elderflower liqueur, pomelo juice and even a topper of prosecco. To find the right balance, mix up a few cocktails of your own till you feel the beach breezes in your hair.

South Beach Rum Cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble

Rum is often a popular beachside spirit. Instead of the super sweet, frozen cocktails, an aged rum can mix up a more sophisticated cocktail. For example, a Ron Barcelo Imperial Rum makes an impressive Old Fashioned cocktail.

While a classic Old Fashion uses bourbon, the Ron Barcelo Imperial offers a slightly nutty, caramelized flavor to this cocktail. A basic Old Fashion combines sugar, water, bitters and liquor. When sipping, the Barcelo Old Fashion brings the refreshing ocean breezes to any locale.

For a totally different South Beach inspired cocktail, try Liquore Strega mule.

Mule cocktails have been gaining in popularity. The classic copper mugs are popping up everywhere. Usually a classic mule blends vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. Using Strega in this popular cocktail adds a unique twist.

Strega Mule, photo by Cristine Struble

Strega is an Italian herbal liqueur. This yellow liqueur offers a slightly minty flavor under its bold, herbal notes. When translated from Italian, Strega means witch. Stega comes from Benevento, which has held annual worldwide witches meetings. While Strega may not help you cast a wicked spell, a Strega mule might transport you to a surf and sand of South Beach.

The bright yellow Strega replaces the traditional vodka in this version of a mule. The herbal qualities of the Strega with the spiciness of the ginger beer is quite refreshing. It is like a cooling breeze on a hot beach day.

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Next time that you need a little escapism from your daily life, consider a South Beach inspired cocktail. The flavors can transport you to the sun and the sand without that large travel expense.