Daniel Radcliffe is a Bonafide Time Traveler


Just when you thought you have seen all the different sides of Daniel Radcliffe we get a new one. This time it’s that of a real time traveler.

Since the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe is arguably one of the most recognizable actors from the franchise. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that people who have a passing resemblance of Radcliffe wouldn’t know about it. What would you say if I told you Daniel looks like someone from the past? You would probably believe us. How about he resembles a lot of somebodies, and they are girls? Apparently, it’s true. The Graham Norton Show recently had Daniel Radcliffe as a guest to show him evidence that he’s a time traveler and doesn’t even know it. Radcliffe’s reaction is what you would expect when confronted with such damning evidence.

If you don’t believe us just check out the video from the Graham Norton show.

Shock and awe is all we can say.  The video just leaves you in shock and awe.  This isn’t the first time Daniel has been confronted with his secret life as the Doctor. Just like most things, he takes it all in stride. With that being said, since Daniel Radcliffe’s pseudo time traveling abilities have been uncovered, would he make a good candidate for Doctor Who? I say the BBC should get on the horn with him and his agent quickly and lock him down. He would make an excellent addition to the franchise and as we can see from the video he could play many different parts. It could be the Quantum Leap version of Doctor Who. He could even have a sonic screwdriver named Ziggy. BBC if you’re reading this call me so we can talk.

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