25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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6. She knows how to collect followers

Some may say you’re only as good as the company you keep. Which is why I personally keep funny and cool people around me at all times. But take a look at what Daenerys Targaryen has gained; an entire army waiting to do her bidding, helping her claim what is rightfully hers. How does one do that? What’s the key to gaining followers? It’s simple. Pick a consistent message and stick to it. That’s all.

Recall the moment in Season 3’s final episode “Mhysa,” where the newly freed Yunkai slaves gaze upon the woman who was responsible for setting them free. It’s important to note that Dany gives them a choice. You can join me, or you can not. There is no threat to not follower her, it’s just something left up to the person standing by and listening. As the old adage goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Dany absolutely knows when to lay on the charm, and when to unleash the dragon.

It’s important for Dany to continue her rule of pacifism should she be the one to claim the Iron Throne. She doesn’t rule with an iron fist, as Cersei is certain to do. Rather, she comes across kind and generous to start, which is a good way to draw in a crowd. But like with anything, people want to see results. When a lot of the khalasar abandoned her in Season 1, she proved her worth by surviving a funeral pyre. In Season 3 she broke the chains in Slaver’s Bay. Now with a strong following at her back, the possibilities seem endless as she heads for King’s Landing.