25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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5. She slays in any outfit she wears

Silver dragon necklaces? Yes please. Elegant regal white gowns? Uh huh. Blue sleeveless v-neck dresses? We’re into it. You have got to admit, Dany just looks good in clothes. She’s had a ton of different looks and has just rocked every one. But she has a distinct style that works for her, and it works really well. Everything she wears just looks so put together, like it was magically tailored to sit on her frame just right. Obviously someone like a queen can hire people to do that for them, but it’s still impressive how the costume design team gives Dany a regal and sometimes almost casual look.

Dany is a queen who is always on the move. She goes from city to city, at first trying to find shelter, but then realizing she could conquer. Looking at her outfit progression from Season 1 to Season 6, we can see a distinct change in her outfits, from a Khaleesi to a Targaryen leading her army across the Narrow Sea. She looks like a pro. Dany is definitely put together well. Her outfits reflect her circumstances, and are constantly adapting to how ready for battle she is.

The feeling that a leader is physically put together definitely puts people at ease. Like we said, no one wants a slovenly leader. Dany may be a small woman, but she wears her armor well. It doesn’t hurt to have Emmy Award-winning costume designers Michele Clapton and April Ferry in your corner either. That helps big time.