25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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24. She has a fiery spirit

The Targaryen blood runs red with fury (and the occasional madness), so it’s only natural that some of that sass will show up on the surface. Most of the time, Dany keeps a calm and cool demeanor, but we know that at any moment, the actual dragon may appear if pressed.

One of Dany’s many titles is the Unburnt, which she received shortly after her remaining khalasar witnesses her ‘rising from the ashes’ moment during Khal Drogo’s funeral. Just like an out of control fire, Dany’s temperament is wild and sometimes unpredictable. But in the end, she’ll always be reborn anew, ready start on another part of her journey.

Dany has the attitude of someone who gets things done. This is thanks to the drive she inherited from her famous House. She’s not a weak-willed woman by any means, and it does pay off for her to insert a little sass and spice into her words here and there. The world needs a leader who can not only pull back on the reins if need be, it needs someone with a disposition that riles up crowds and unites people under one consistent cause.

This fiery spirit Daenerys has honed over the years has also been a lasting mark for a new era of Targaryen. There are many in Westeros who believe the Great House got what it deserved, after the Mad King Aerys burned his own people up with wildfire. Dany’s new outlook on how a civilization should be is leagues ahead of anything her father ever did. Which brings us to our final point…