25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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23. She has the best intentions

Like we’ve said before, Daenerys has a clear message that comes along with her rule: absolutely no slavery allowed under the new regime. This message obviously has resonated with her supporters, as evidenced by this scene from Season 4’s “Oathkeeper.” Grey Worm and Mossador had just entered a a slave hold in Meereen, telling the tale of the brave Queen Daenerys Targaryen, who promised them freedom and made good on that wish. They in essence had to “pitch” this unknown woman to the group, letting them know of her intentions for coming to the city. It was enough to convince the slaves to revolt and rebel, culminating in this scene.

Even though power has the ability to corrupt, we’ve never really seen it get to Dany’s head. Her ego stays in check for the most part because she has turned her focus towards the greater good. It’s important to make one’s intentions clear when looking to lead. That way, if sh*t does hit the fan (as it’s known to do sometimes), those in charge can be held accountable. We haven’t seen Dany try and run away from her problems. We’ve seen her face things head on, attempting to live up to the expectations she’s laid out for her people.

Dany never seemed to do things only for herself. There are people who exist who hide behind the guise of a do-gooder, when in reality they want all the power for themselves. Dany is a leader who can give the power back to the people, although it hasn’t always been easy in learning how to do that.