25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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18. She cuts to the chase

There are some people who barely sleep. They’ll nap for about four hours a night and then continue work as usual for the remaining 20 hours in the day. Time is a valuable commodity, especially when you’re about to become the leader of the Known World.

Dany is a leader who has no time for small talk. Meetings are about business and how to right any wrongs that may be popping up around the city. Cutting to the chase is very important to do around people like Dany. It’s best to lay it all out on the line first, and then you can work out the kinks later. Another guy who respects this plan of attack would be Tyrion Lannister. As a YouTube commenter pointed out, he nails this ‘job interview’ with Dany by being direct and proclaiming why she needs him.

Although Dany managed to fare just fine before he showed up, Tyrion’s keen ability to use his words to get what he wants certainly rubbed off on Dany as well. He’s obviously a good guy to have on her side. Ser Jorah was at one point, but in this scene she did look sad to see him go again.

In a world where business is largely done by honoring tradition with face to face meetings, beibg clear and direct with your objectives will get the business talk out of the way quicker. And by the end of any meeting, Dany is always the one holding all the cards, exactly as it should be for a future Queen of the Andals.