25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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17. She knows her place, and it’s at the top

It’s easy to forget just how young Daenerys Targaryen is sometimes. She’s about 22 by the time Season 7 begins, and has constructed one of the most diverse and largest armies the Known World has ever seen. Quite an accomplishment for someone that young. But it’s been wired into her from very early on in the series that she is a queen no matter what, and nothing can change that about her.

It’s been interesting watching Dany grow from a Khaleesi into a Queen. From the get-go, the attention was always on her. Even though Khal Drogo led the khalasar, her needs were always put first. She always ranked number one with Drogo and the rest of his army. So, naturally, after a while that spot becomes more and more appealing. Suddenly, the limelight is cast from Drogo to Dany, and the audience knows it’s her story we’ll be following from here on out.

Dany is remarkably self-aware and knows just what she’s capable of doing. Having that knowledge allows her to keep that steady focus on what she’s after. In this case? The Iron Throne. There’s been speculation she, Jon Snow, and Tyrion may destroy the thing completely if they defeat Cersei, wiping the slate clean and allowing a new reign to take hold in King’s Landing. Only time will tell. In the meantime, Dany will still be sitting pretty as the leader of the pack, just in time to start Season 7.