Beauty and the Beast Continues to Reign at the Box Office in Second Week


Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast shows no signs of slowing down as the film nabs No. 1 at the box office for the second weekend in a row.

Of course, when we looked at the movie release calendar in the month of March, we all knew the month was going the be packed with big blockbusters. Furthermore, we all understood that one film in particular would be a beast and the most difficult to contend with. This film, obviously, is Beauty and the Beast. And as it danced into its second weekend, Power Rangers and its five different colored teenagers didn’t even stand a chance.

After just 10 days, Beauty and the Beast grossed more than $316.9 million dollars at the box office. Its second weekend saw it drop about 49 percent to draw in $88.3 million. Additionally, the film easily breezed past half a billion worldwide as its total gross comes in at about $690.2 million. At this rate, the film will hit a billion before it ends its run this summer.

In other news, Power Rangers performed better than expected and earned $40.5 million in its opening weekend. According to reports, there’s still a ways before it makes back its budget, but it should do well. And if it does, don’t be surprised when you hear more news on the sequel. Especially when one considers the film’s end credits sequence or the fact that the television series has about 25 seasons in the books.

The rest of the films rounding out the top 10 at the box office are:

"Kong: Skull Island – $14.4 millionLife – $12.6 millionLogan – $10.1 millionGet Out – $8.6 millionCHiPs – $7.6 millionThe Shack – $3.7 millionThe LEGO Batman Movie – $1.9 millionThe Belko Experiment – $1.8 million"

Obviously, you can see the big drop off between Power Rangers and Kong: Skull Island. But with such a terrible Rotten Tomatoes score, I’m shocked that CHiPs is where it’s at on the board. Though, I can see it doing really well on streaming.

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I also feel surprised that The LEGO Batman Movie held on this long. Its current worldwide gross is only at $292.5, so I’m not sure how much longer a movie from mid-February will continue to hold. But, hey, that’s the power of Batman.