Love Actually IS All Around (And Back On Our Screens)


Love Actually is set to make a comeback with a mini-sequel for Red Nose Day, and the trailer is finally here!

There is something truly magical that happens every year around the holidays when I decide it’s finally time to watch Love, Actually. First, I get way too excited, even though I’ve seen it approximately 81 times. Then, I becoome absolutely hypnotized by its goofy humor, its English charms, its perfect cast, and its sweet, sweet Christmas cheer. And finally, I start to cry about one hour in, and I don’t stop until the last credit rolls. Though each of us who loves it has a special relationship to the film, we all know we are certainly not alone in our devotion to and obsession over the modern classic.

And now, dear friends, even though we didn’t think we needed it, even though the original was chock-full of enough love to sustain us through our dying days, WE ARE GETTING MORE!!!!

On Friday, the BBC aired their annual Red Nose Day Special, a celeb-filled fundraising event.  And this year, our old, lovesick pals are back to catch us up on what’s changed over the past 14 years. And according to the trailer, which was part of the BBC Friday special: the answer is “not much,” as they still believe flipping gigantic notecards one by one is the finest way to get a message across. And, you know what? Now that I think of it: IT IS!!!!!!!

The short but sweet-as-ever trailer gives us just a tiny glimpse into the future (or is it the present?) of our lovely ensemble, the most important bit being that we finally get a definitive list of who will be participating (and who, sadly, will not). And, if you’re anything like me, this 60 second spot, with its twinkly, nostalgic, romantic music and silly sense of humor and ultimately genuine charm will have you wiping at your eyes by the 30 second mark.

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In the US, NBC will air the stateside version at the end of May. To watch and to probably cry some more, tune in to NBC’s Red Nose Day Special Thursday, May 25 at 10/9c. And if anyone asks why you’re so worked up and can’t stop watching this trailer for the next 2 months….just say it’s carol singers.