The Love Actually Red Nose Special Pictures are Revealed


We’ve patiently waited for the Love Actually Red Nose special and the wait is almost over! And now we have behind the scenes pictures!

When it comes to the Love Actually Red Nose special, we don’t know much. Just that some of our favorites are involved and that people in the UK will have already seen it once the Children in Need special begins! So what do we have to help tide us over until we can get a glimpse of the Red Nose Actually?

Well, we have some set pictures that give glimpses into some of our favorite couples and what their lives are like now! From Colin Firth to Keira Knightley, even Liam Neeson came back, and we’re just excited to see where this picks up with some of our favorites!

From what we can tell, the special is going to be pretty drama free, just revisiting the old couples we know and love so well in a new light. And we even get a glimpse at smaller characters that we loved from the film as well!

It’s going to be an exciting journey, and these pictures only make us that much more intrigued by what the special has to bring to us.

But at least we’ll get to see it soon. To tide us over until it is ready, we have these amazing pictures to show us exactly what we’re going to get!

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Check back here on Culturess for more once the special is released. Because you know we’re going to be one of the first to have it up! And really, who isn’t excited about this? It’s going to be an amazing video created for charity and we just get to see our favorites once more!