New Set Shots of Hugh Grant from the Love Actually Sequel are Here


For those who have been living in a bunker, you might not know that a Love Actually sequel is brewing but now we’ve got pictures of Hugh Grant as the PM!

The Love Actually Red Nose Day special filming is underway and fans of the movie are rejoicing. For those who don’t know of this Christmas classic, it follows a group of people loosely connected through their Christmas preparations.

Hugh Grant, who plays David, the Prime Minister of Britain, filmed some of his scenes for the special. And we got a glimpse into what his life is like after all these years! And lucky for us, Natalie is still a part of his life.

Emma Freud, partner to Richard Curtis and producer, has been sharing pictures of the #Rednosedayactually on Twitter. And really, it is everything the world needs right now.

Because apparently Natalie is still madly in love with her, now Prime Minister husband, David.

David himself looks pretty great still. While everything seems to be in a really strange place, we can all remember the first time we saw this amazing movie. And now that we’re getting just a short glimpse of what these characters are doing now is an amazing thing.

You can catch the Red Nose special on the Children In Need special on BBC One in March. But for Americans, we’re going to have to wait until May to see it on American television. Lucky for us, someone is definitely going to put it on the internet for us all to see.

And hopefully Emma Freud continues to share amazing little snippets with us all!

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