5 Questions We Have About the New Justice League Trailer


The new Justice League trailer dropped this weekend and it left us with some pressing questions.

Yesterday, we saw the new Justice League trailer and got a better look at what’s to come in what should be the lynchpin of the DCEU. While it did give us a bit of a closer look at some elements (was that a joke? From Batman??), it left us with a few more questions.

1. Why is it so dark?

Does the sun never shine in the DCEU? Maybe Batman’s not broody, he just has seasonal affective disorder. Does the only light come from the burning buildings? How can Superman derive his power from the sun if there never is any sun? Speaking of…

2. Where is Superman?

Yeah, I know, he’s dead. Just like Jon Snow was. Literally no one is buying that he’s staying dead for long, so why keep him hidden? Everyone is dying for a look of the whole team together, in action, fighting the bad guys. That will sell tickets! Remember the Avengers trailer, with the shot of all of them in a circle ready to fight? That was all the marketing that movie needed. Give me the whole team already!

3. Why is Jason Mamoa the only one having fun?

Did no one tell Jason Momoa the DCEU is supposed to be dark and brooding? Well, thank goodness for that. Aquaman looks like he’s having a blast. Finally, a hero that actually enjoys being superpowered and fighting bad guys!

4. What happened to Unite the 7?

The trailer boasts the phrase “Unite the League,” whereas about a year ago it was “Unite the 7.:  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and… who? Was there originally supposed to be another member of the Justice League? Or is there an appearance of another hero they’re trying to keep a secret now?

The best guess is Green Lantern was supposed to be on the team but fell through. We might see a Lantern join the League eventually, but since DC apparently wants to use both Hal Jordan and John Stewart we may get two? Unite the 8, perhaps?

If there is a secret last member, they probably wouldn’t join until the very end of the film and only be in the sequels. Maybe someone joining from another planet, like Martian Manhunter? He was a founding member, after all.

Or maybe WB made the catchy tagline before they figured out a script and now find themselves with only six characters (seriously, no one really thinks Superman is staying dead).

5. Will it even be good?

It’s a decent trailer. Man of Steel had one of the best trailers of the genre. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer had people cautiously optimistic. The Suicide Squad trailers were well-received. The movies themselves? Results may vary. There’s still too much left unknown about Justice League (who are they even fighting anyway?) to know for sure if it’s going to be any good. WB has had quite some time now since Batman v Superman got panned to adjust and tweak Justice Leauge. Maybe they’ve finally learned from their mistakes and Justice League will be the superhero team-up we DC fans have always been waiting for!

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Or, maybe we’ll just have to stick with Justice League Unlimited.