Pie Emoji, You Won’t Find The Whole Pie Or Even A Slice


Scroll through your texts, tweets and feeds. Emojis are everywhere. But one emjoi is missing, the pie emoji.

How often do you speak without using a word? Emojis are part of everyone’s every day dialect. From happiness to poop and cats to eggplants, we communicate with pictures, emojis. But what’s the one thing missing in that long list of emojis- pie emoji.

Pie is an iconic dessert. From apple pies to chocolate pie, everyone has a favorite. Top it with ice cream, serve it hot or even eat it for breakfast. Look at the national holiday calendar and count the many “pie” related holidays. Pie isn’t going anywhere.

emoji wrap, photo provided by Tervis Tumbler

We all have heard and probably used the phrase “piece of pie.” Maybe you love an old fashioned apple pie. But, don’t try to find that pie emoji on your keyboard. The emoji list is filled with cakes, ice cream and even donuts, but pie is nowhere to be found. But why no pie emoji?

Tervis-emoji tumbler, photo provided by Tervis

Several years ago, Mrs. Smith’s published a “pie” pie chart. The pie chart showed that 47% of polled people enjoy apple pie. A close second is pumpkin. The least favorable pie is peach (sorry Georgia peach fans). Still, with so many pie fans, why isn’t there a pie emoji?

Recently, the podcast Burnt Toast hosted a podcast on the question why isn’t there a pie emoji. Apparently, their petition for a change was heard. According to Food52, “you can expect to see a freshly baked pie emoji in June 2017.”

The popularity of emojis is only growing. With the upcoming release of the Emoji Movie, everyone will be broadcasting their feelings in an emoji. The premise of the upcoming movie is that multi-expressional emoji wants to become a normal emoji. Personally, who would want to be a single emotion? But, then again, no one asked my opinion.

Even at the most recent International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS) in Chicago, emojis have taken over our cupboards.

Tervis has a full line of emoji tumblers and water bottles that are ready for the movie release. From all the emojis on a single tumbler to the classic poop happens, young and old carry Tervis from home to work to school. Tervis even offers customized emoji tumblers.

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Pie lovers will have to wait a few more months for their pie emoji. Until then, you will just have to communicate with a slice of cake.