Orphan Black Cast Reflects on Favorite Clones and Wrapping the Final Season


Orphan Black recently wrapped shooting on the final season, but at PaleyFest this week, the cast spoke on the show’s diversity, feminism, and best clones.

The Orphan Black cast attended PaleyFest this week. Of course, this comes just after BBC released new photos of the final season and announced that they just finished wrapping the season. As we looked at the photos, several things became clear. First, it seemed like the show was going full throttle with their last ten episodes. Clearly, they wanted to hit all the feels and answer as many questions as possible.

Plus, Tatiana Maslany shared what it was like to say goodbye to some of the clones. Basically, she’s saying goodbye to herself. But she also told Entertainment Weekly:

"“When we wrapped Cosima, it was like, ‘That’s a series wrap on Cosima,’ and then I had to go and take that thing off for the last time. It was weird. It was heavy scene work, but just also saying goodbye to so many characters over the past two episodes, wrapping people who we’ve worked with since season 1 and wrapping clones who I’ve been since season 1… There were a lot of farewells and tears and a lot of gratitude that we got that far, that we got to do five seasons.”"

Naturally, we’ve met and lost a ton of clones along the way. Although, co-creator Graeme Manson explained the the next important person we’ll get to know is P.T. Westmoreland. As you may recall, Westmoreland’s ambitions set the entire series in motion.

"“John [Fawcett] and I knew for a long time that in this feminist show, that there was a man at the top. You think of the most evil patriarch figure. It’s a character that we had in mind for a long time, kind of going to our Dr. Moreau.”"

Obviously, we can’t wait to see how Sarah Manning eventually gets around to destroying Rachel — whose lifelong dream has been to


be Westmoreland — once and for all. But as the internet demonstrated earlier this week, we’re all more excited to see Delphine and Cosima pick up where they left off. Because, as far as LGBT television goes, they’re kind of our favorite pair to watch right now.

Though, on the subject of their relationship, Manson adds:

"“It really speaks to the heart of the show. It’s a clone show that’s about diversity. That relationship was very important to all of us to have this partnership that is in the Orphan Black world and is tested and full of trust, but at the heart of it, it should have the same weight as any straight relationship you see on TV. These are just two characters who love each other. What’s wrong with that?”"

In addition to answering questions and reflecting on previous seasons, those in attendance saw the premiere episode. And apparently, it was pretty good:

But more importantly, the cast picked some of their favorite clones. Some obvious choices like Helena came out, but somehow Katja got on the board, too. Let’s be real, though. There’s only one person whose decision really matters and that’s Tatiana Maslany who chose … no one. Instead of choosing one, she simply stated: “It was really hard to say goodbye to Alison because I will never get to play that character ever again.”

Actually, I will miss Alison’s neurosis a lot.

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The fifth and final season of Orphan Black returns on June 10.