Storybook Cosmetics Previews Their Game of Thrones Lipsticks


Storybook Cosmetics, the innovators behind the Harry Potter makeup brush set, are branching out into other fandoms with Game of Thrones lipsticks

Storybook Cosmetics burst onto the scene last year with an idea that went viral among the Potter fandom, with makeup brushes designed to look like wands from Ollivander’s shop. The idea was so popular that they wound up creating an entire eye palette to go with said brushes, which also sold out instantly.

Having realized they tapped into a underserved market, at the end of 2016, the company began teasing ideas for the coming year. Among those fandoms they were planning to target: Star Wars with lightsaber brushes, Doctor Who with sonic screwdriver brushes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspires palettes, and Game of Thrones, which not only had a mock up of a brush that looked like a Valyrian steel sword, but hinted that, like the Potter series, it would include makeup palettes as well.

It now looks like they’re making good on that latter promise, giving us a teaser to match the one we got for Game of Thrones season 7 the other week. Yesterday, they posted an image to their Instagram of at least one of those new products: lipsticks fit for a Khaleesi.

Like Dany’s dragon’s these lipsticks cases come in three different dragon egg like shell colors, silver bronze and gold. Hopefully, we can assume they don’t need to be thrown into the fire for opening. Sadly, we note the line at the end that these are not sponsored or endorsed by HBO/Game of Thrones. I suppose that means the Valyrian Steel Sword brushes are a no-go.

As for the lip colors available, that’s still to come, though some of their liquid lippies suggest we could be getting some colors fit to rule Westeros.

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Sadly, it seems like we won’t be able to wear said lipstick in time for the debut of Game of Thrones season 7 this July–this product won’t be available until the fall, which still means we’ll probably get them prior to the release of The Winds of Winter.