Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist” – Gilmore Girls

This episode of Gilmore Girls is the anti-Girls Gone Wild, even though Paris did her best to cram in a little bit of indulgence.  Determined to have the complete Spring Break experience, she and Rory fought against their true nature, had some drinks, flirted with some boys, and even shared a little kiss.

When Yale gets snowed in for the break, the ladies head south to warmer parts, but when they get there, they find themselves holed up in the room watching movies and eating pizza. Once they realize what terrible duds they are, they consult party-girls, Madeline and Louise, to get their boring break off the ground. Rory and Paris go all in, and wind up paying for it in the morning.

Although I like to think I could party hard like Madeline and Louise, in this time in my life, I’m closer to Rory and Paris, eating sad pizza in a hotel room while a wild party rages outside the door. It’s kind of what I love about these two.

Even Paris understands what a cliche the whole thing is and just leans into it. That’s the whole reason for that silly, superfluous kiss. Paris is good for checking off boxes, and that’s just one less thing to get done while on vacation.