Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“My Soul on Fire” – Scrubs

By the time the Sacred Heart gang packed their bags and headed to the Bahamas, Janitor was an actual, main character. Janitor invites his co-workers to his wedding with only three days notice, thinking they wouldn’t show, but instead send presents. JD convinces everyone to take the break, and we get to see Elliot and Jordan in bikinis.

Scrubs fans know that you come for the mean-spirited humor and then just have to suffer through all the attempts at character development and plot movement. So, when JD and Eliot have some big moment in their relationship, it’s far less important to me than Dr. Cox’s joke upon seeing Eliot and Jordan walking down the beach, “Hey Diane? Here come my ex-wife and your beard.”

The Bahamas location is mostly just an excuse for JD and Turk to take their bromance-y show on the road, but there’s a recurring theme of relationship problems throughout both parts of the two-part finale. No matter how much bickering and pestering goes on between the couples, it’s fun to watch them play out their dynamics with a sandy, breezy backdrop.

Everybody can relate to getting into those vacation fights with your partner, but it’s better to fight in the sun by the water than at home in your boring ol’ den.