20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Ghost Rider (Image via Marvel)

6. Ghost Rider

All of the disparate parts of the Ghost Rider costume look, well, absolutely lame. It sounds as if he drove his hell-bike through Hot Topic, blindly grabbing at whatever he could find, and then put spikes on everything before he wore it.

Yet, all put together, it somehow works. Maybe it’s because Ghost Rider is a metal album cover come to life. If that’s the case, then how could you expect any less than leather upon leather with plenty of shiny accessories?

Unlike many of the other superhero getups on this list, Ghost Rider’s costume hasn’t changed too much over the years. Why mess with something that works, after all? Actually, that hasn’t stopped comics artists from trying with others.

Maybe it’s just that the idea of Ghost Rider in spandex or with a cape may create a creative black hole. Or, it could be that Ghost Rider’s main feature is the fact that his head has been replaced with a flaming skull. It’s easy to forget everything else he’s wearing thanks to that showstopper.

So, this means that we’ve got years upon years of Ghost Rider in his costume. It’s generally a leather jacket and leather pants, a la many a motorcycle rider. He’s also typically seen with a chain draped about him, which he unwraps for some dramatic showdown of one sort or another. No matter what, though, his costume sends a clear message: you don’t mess with Ghost Rider.