20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Iron Man (Image via Marvel Studios)

7. Iron Man

For every variation in Captain America’s costume, Iron Man has about twenty. If you’ve seen Iron Man 3, then you surely saw the many, many different variations of the Iron Man suit that Tony Stark has created. I guess you can do that, if you’re spectacularly rich, have a lot of spare time between all the superhero duties, and are growing increasingly paranoid. Like you do.

So, for clarity’s sake, I’m talking about the classic red and gold Iron Man suit. This version of the suit is often seen in the Mark III and Mark V armors, among others. It’s also part of the Extremis suit, which isn’t exactly an Iron Man costume, considering the components are stored on the nano-level in Stark’s body. Terrifying and cool.

Honestly, there are so many variations in Tony Stark’s exosuit that it can make your head spin. But why mess with a classic? The bright red and gold colors pair pretty well with the brash, brilliant Tony Stark. Plus, I personally really like the grumpy expression on the exosuit’s faceplate. If I were forced to fight villains all the time, I’d feel that way too. Might as well enshrine your exasperation forever as part of a highly advanced super suit.