20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Batgirl (Image via DC Comics)

14. Batgirl (2014 Barbara Gordon)

The original Barbara Gordon did not fare especially well in the DC Universe. She hung around with Batman for a while, acting as Batgirl. However, the Joker decided to semi-fridge her and ambushed Gordon at her home. Though she didn’t die from the Joker’s gunshot wound, Gordon was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. She then took on the moniker of Oracle and acted as a computer expert to the DC comics superheroes.

Though Oracle is a pretty important character in terms of representation for disabled people, it’s disappointing that she had to be harmed in such a lurid, Frank Miller kind of way. The October 2014 soft reboot with writer Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, along with artist Babs Tarr, was therefore pretty satisfying.

In keeping with the lighter and more hipster-style reboot of Barbara Gordon, her costume changed. She’s got a stylish but practical purple suit, complete with the classic cape and cowl known to all Batkind. Gordon also sports a couple of utility pouches, but fortunately Babs Tarr didn’t go full Rob Liefeld and drew a sensible number instead. She also gave Barbara Gordon some very cool bright yellow Doc Martens. Perfect for catching attention and catching criminals.