20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Spider-Gwen (Image via Marvel)

13. Spider-Gwen

Yes, we all know about Spider-Man. And it’s very true that he has a wonderfully iconic and straightforward costume. Surely, you’ve all seen his red and blue spiderwebbed getup emblazoned on, well, everything. If you have an elementary school-aged kid in your life, then chances are you’ve seen enough Spider-Mans on backpacks, sneakers, and lunchboxes to last a lifetime.

Ah, but Peter Parker isn’t the only Spider-Man. In fact, he’s not even a singular Spider-Person with the only claim to an awesome Spider-Costume. After all, we can’t forget about Spider-Gwen.

If you’ve missed it, Spider-Gwen is actually an alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy. In our mainstream comics reality (Earth-616) Gwen is a romantic interest of Spider-Man’s who is killed by the villain Green Goblin. In Earth-65, however, she gets bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. As a result, she takes on the role of Spider-Woman (though fans commonly call her Spider-Gwen). Peter still manages to turn himself into a villain.

Spider-Gwen’s outfit is similar to the original Spidey’s, but with some important variations. It’s typically shown as a black and white suit with dark pink and turquoise accents. Gwen is also sporting some cool and practical turquoise shoes. Perhaps most strikingly, she also has a hood that she can raise and lower for dramatic effect.