15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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9. Bruce Wayne

Everyone has their favorite Bruce Wayne relationship. Whether it be Diana Prince or Talia Al-Ghul or Selina Kyle (or even Rachel from the Nolan movies), we all have our favorite. So we’re going to talk about mine and why it is clearly the superior of the Batman love stories.

When it comes to Catwoman, the two have a long complicated past. She’s seen as a villain but also tends to help Batman out a lot of the time. And in the comics, they kind of have a daughter together. (I say kind of because it is never explicit but you get the gist that Helena is Bruce’s daughter.)

And Bruce and Selina are just amazing to watch. Let’s take The Dark Knight Rises and how Selina ended up helping Bruce out and falling in love with him. The two were kind of enemies in the beginning but as the film went on, we learned of their love for one another and eventually they ended up together. And really, that last scene made our shipper hearts soar.

So we love Bruce as our boyfriend. Even if he doesn’t sleep and is constantly getting himself beaten up by evil villains in the streets of Gotham.