15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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10. Dick Grayson

Oh Robin, or Nightwing, or whatever you want to call our lover boy Dick Grayson. While Bruce Wayne was once the playboy of our hearts, when Robin came around, we all ended up falling for Dick Grayson. Mainly because he was young, hopeful, and wanted to protect Gotham.

With his on and off again relationship with Barbra Gordon, Dick became one of those boyfriends that we could definitely all see ourselves dating. The thing about superheroes is that they don’t exist. Upsetting, I know. But with Bruce and Dick, they’re just normal guys who decided to do something incredible to help change the world.

So when it comes to both these heroes, we are weirdly lucky enough to be somewhat closer to actually having the advantage of Dick and Bruce being just normal men when you boil it down. So we could, feasibly, date Batman and Robin. (Not really but we can all pretend that in some way, they’re real and we can find this millionaire and his gymnast counterpart.)

And that’s why we love Dick Grayson. He is beautiful and loves Barbra (even if she called off their engagement) and that’s why we want him to be one of our superhero boyfriends.