The New Books Roundup, March 21: Mass Effect, Empires, and a Touch of Romance


Among this week’s newest titles for reading consumption are the first of the Mass Effect tie in novels as well as some original science fiction.

As March marches (excuse the pun) on, so too do the new books coming out each and every week. Here at Culturess, we’re happy to pull some out each week for you to peruse and decide if they’re worthy of your reading attention. With the help of each of the Amazon links below, we’ll summarize the book and insert a little bit of commentary as well.

The Collapsing Empire

John Scalzi’s latest will kick off a new series, per Goodreads. Set aside what you know about the traditional forms of traveling space in the world of science fiction. The universe of The Collapsing Empire depends on what they’ve dubbed The Flow — a series of paths that connect planets together. With access to it in hand, the Interdependency has risen. There’s just one little problem: the Flow has started to alter its paths. Well, something had to change to prompt the title of the book and its central conflict, right? Right. Tor Books; hardcover, 336 pages; list price: $25.99.

Mass Effect — Andromeda: Nexus Uprising

With Mass Effect: Andromeda officially out today (just in case you’ve finished everything in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild already, which, please teach us your ways), it seems only fitting that the first tie-in novel also hits shelves as well. Nexus Uprising appears to take place at the same time as the game — neither Amazon nor Goodreads have any official descriptions outside of the reassurance that BioWare put their stamp of approval on this book from Jason M. Hough and K.C. Alexander, and the guess at the setting comes from Amazon’s brief paragraph. Titan Books; mass market paperback, 336 pages; list price: $7.99.

The Secret of My Seduction

Although Caroline Linden’s latest is a novella rather than a full novel, you may still want to pick it up if you’ve followed her Scandalous series over the past few years. A series of rather improper novels have appeared throughout the books, and now, finally, the story of their author, Lady Bathsheba Crawford, will finally be told. (With a name like that and the rules of Society being what they are, can you blame her for using a pseudonym to write them?) After all, Liam MacGregor not only publishes her books, the two of them are doing some seducing of their own. The Kindle edition comes directly from Amazon, with a page count at 95 pages and a list price of $0.99.

Also out today is MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ next book, A Colony in a Nation, which tackles the American perspective on crime as well as the political rhetoric surrounding it.

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