George R.R. Martin Has Plans and Also Has Time to Try and Correct the Record


Is calling George R.R. Martin mad on the Internet going too far? Perhaps it is, but at the same time, he does seem a bit angry.

Checking George R.R. Martin’s LiveJournal for even the tiniest of updates has become something of a ritual for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and the people who write about them. So, it seems surprising that his latest post on said blog is rather … frustrated sounding. Let’s wind it back and start from the beginning.

A few days ago, it came out that Martin had helped start a foundation to bring the movie industry to Santa Fe. Our sister site, Winter is Coming, has the details. By March 18, he had taken the time to write a post on his Not-a-Blog that threw some shade at reporting on said foundation without naming names but stating they’d likely fail a journalism class. (Ouch, by the way.)

This post also casually mentions that he’s talking with HBO about “lots of stuff,” which honestly could take up a discussion all on its own, especially considering the fact that Game of Thrones‘ showrunners also casually said they wouldn’t be involved in any spinoffs not that long ago.

So the plot thickens on that front as well, but back to the foundation.

Take it forward to yesterday. Martin wrote a post titled “Bad Journalism” and proceeded to clear the air about what exactly his involvement will be with the Stagecoach Foundation. It sounds like it won’t be that much, based on the information. He dropped a “bullsh*t” and a “sh*t” as well to let us all know he’s serious.

Does he have a point? Yes, of course he does, especially about accuracy. At the same time, though, fans basically hang onto every possible activity because of how it may impact The Winds of Winter. (WiC mentioned that as well, and they’re not wrong.) Presumably he just tried to cut the howling off before it started resembling that of direwolves as opposed to just regular wolves.

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Will it work? Probably not, since fans won’t stop worrying about The Winds of Winter until they have the book in their hands, and even then they’ll probably not believe it’s real until they actually finish. But there’s really not much to see here other than GRRM’s irritation on the internet.