20 Fantasy Adaptations That Could Be Bigger than Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10. Official Image via HBO/Helen Sloan

Fantasy adaptations are all the rage now thanks to Game of Thrones, and these 20 books have the potential to be the next big cultural phenomenon.

Game of Thrones is coming to an end. This year will be the seventh season with only seven episodes, and then season eight will be the grand finale. After spending years obsessively tracking the goings on in King’s Landing, we’re all going to have a massive fantasy series shaped hole in our hearts. While there are other contenders either currently airing or on their way, nothing as of yet has really stepped up to be the new Game of Thrones.

The series has just about everything you need to create a successful show: compelling characters, high stakes drama and enough fantasy elements to keep viewers on their toes (really, who saw Old Lady Melisandre coming). It’s become a massive, worldwide hit and opened audiences up to more high fantasy.

HBO, Netflix or any other network looking for a new big Game of Thrones style hit should take a look through their local bookstore for the next A Song Of Ice and Fire. Or, they could just read this list.

There are 20 epic fantasy novels, both young adult and adult, that have the potential to become massive hits Take a look at what the series are about and how they should be adapted for the big or small screen.