10 Things That the First Day of Spring Has Us Excited About

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10. Clothes

Warm weather means ripped jeans and t-shirts, jean jackets and shorts, and basically everything except that big winter coat you’ve been lost in for the last 3 months. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve hidden your jean jacket underneath your winter coat so you can still wear it indoors.

But soon, we won’t have to do that any longer. Our legs will be free to roam the world unclothed and our tights will have to remain in drawers until next winter. We will be free. Truly if you’re someone like me who hates big coats, the winter can seem like forever. But then spring comes and you’re free to roam without that bulking thing restricting your movements.

And shopping in the spring is so much fun! There are cute new styles and with the ripped jean trend, you can finally wear those new jeans you got without having to wear tights underneath them! Plus spring is that time of year where it isn’t so hot you can’t walk outside and it isn’t too cold that you have to bundle up.

It’s perfect and the fashion for spring is some of the best for the whole year so get excited to dress cute!