10 Things That the First Day of Spring Has Us Excited About

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2. Doctor Who

We’ve waited. And not just for a few months, but we’ve waited about a year. But now the time has come and we’re encroaching upon the tenth season of Doctor Who. While it will be a sad one as it is Moffat and Capaldi’s final season, it still means our favorite sci-fi adventure show is back on our television sets.

For those who don’t watch Doctor Who, you have a little time. Well, less than a month to watch over 50 years of material but you can at least start. The show follows a Time Lord called the Doctor and his companion. They find themselves traveling throughout all of space and time in the TARDIS. From kings and queen to alien life forms, this show has it all and it is a really interesting show to watch!

I mean, it has been on for the last 50 years so they must be doing something right (we’ll pretend it wasn’t cancelled for a while). Either way, Doctor Who is returning for its tenth season in the rebooted show and we’re excited. After all, we have a new companion to meet and a thirteenth Doctor to get to. So we can’t wait!