Want to Join the Empire? Star Wars Stormtrooper Boots Make It Easy


Sometimes a little villainy is what you need to complete an outfit, and these upcoming Stormtrooper boots make it easy for Star Wars fans.

Sure, most Star Wars fans profess to love the Rebel Alliance and its successor, the Resistance. After all, Rey, Leia, Poe Dameron, Finn, and Han Solo are all part of that side of things, and since they’re some of the coolest characters in the franchise, it’s easy to put on the orange and white and go to bat for them. But let’s face it. There are some days where you don’t feel like a rebel so much as, say, a member of the Galactic Empire.

And Po-Zu, after announcing a series of shoes that mostly focuses on the good guys, appear to have recognized that. We tip our hats to The Kessel Runway for the find.

Check out the Stormtrooper boot below:

Granted, the stormtrooper pictured is actually part of the First Order’s set, not those of the Empire, but that makes sense. The previous shoes, like the BB-8 sneakers as well as the Finn boots, all focus on characters from the current trilogy. Why not capitalize on The Last Jedi coming out later this year?

However, with this release, we wonder if Po-Zu will add in something inspired by Captain Phasma. That may end up as too similar to this boot, though. What about Kylo Ren, then? He might be a pretty whiny villain who doesn’t play well with computers when he’s having a tantrum, but it’s tough to deny that black and silver makes for a pretty great starter palette. Throw in a few touches of red here and there, and you’d have a great boot.

Per Po-Zu’s website, these boots will go on sale in August.

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Will you snag these boots, or hold your credits for another part of the collection, announced or not?