Donald Trump Took the Time Out to Insult Alec Baldwin Some More


You’d think being President meant that Donald Trump wouldn’t have time for being petty. Yet here we are, talking about him insulting Alec Baldwin.

Our current commander-in-chief seems to not have more important things to do as Donald Trump is playing an idiotic game of FMK on Watters’ World. The president, who was interviewed by Jesse Watters, was asked who he would fire out of three candidates.

From Alec Baldwin to Senator Chuck Schumer, and CNN head Jeff Zucker, Trump talked about why he would fire anyone who didn’t like him. Because, you know, that’s what we’ve come to as a nation. Fire the guys opposing the idiotic president.

"I think the Alec Baldwin situation is not good. Chuck I’m very disappointed in, because he’s a guy who should make deals for the people. Instead he’s just an obstructionist. So, I’m disappointed in him.And Jeff Zucker, I mean, I got him the job. And CNN is just, you know, fake news. Who would I say? I just, I don’t want to say, but I will say I’m disappointed in all three. I think the portrayal of me is ridiculous."

The Baldwin comments only come because of his portrayal of Trump on Saturday Night Live. It is no surprise that he hates that impression. In fact, he’s made it known time and time again on his Twitter account.

But I guess that’s just because the president can’t take anything negative about him being said. Which is why he only subscribes to news sources run by his friends. Either way, our president has more important issues he should be dealing with.

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Hopefully, this means Alec will reconsider his stance on playing Trump for four years. We need him to stay on Saturday Night Live.