Chris Pine is Set to Host Saturday Night Live in May


My dreams have come true as Saturday Night Live announced today that Chris Pine will be hosting their May 6 episode to promote Wonder Woman.

Someone saw our prayers and answered them as Saturday Night Live announced their April and May line up today. Lucky for people like me, that line up includes Chris Pine hosting on May 6th. While we still don’t know the musical guests, we do know that this should be a great episode.

Why? Because Chris Pine is not only a hot leading man, but he’s also extremely funny! Remember Horrible Bosses 2 and Wet Hot American Summer? Those weren’t even his funniest performances!

Basically, he’s hot, smart, and funny. He’s every boy and girl’s nightmare because he is seemingly perfect. But now we get to see him host the greatest sketch comedy show to grace our television screens. And it is promising to be a good one.

Chris will most definitely be there to promote his film Wonder Woman where he plays Steve Trevor. For those who don’t know, Steve is the one who brings Diana to the world of man when he crash lands on where she is from. (Themyscira or Paradise Island for the real fans.)

So while we don’t know what musician or band is going to be joining him, it doesn’t matter. It’ll be a fun show overall and for someone like me (who loves Chris), it is exciting! Maybe now people will see why he is clearly the best Chris out there.

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Check back here on Culturess every week for our recap of Saturday Night Live and you better believe we’ll be covering Chris on the show! Because really, what else will we be watching?