25 reasons that Chris Pine is the captain of our hearts

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Chris Pine has proven himself time and time again as an amazing actor but he is also beautiful so here are 25 reasons why we love him so.

In case you needed reminding, Chris Pine is amazing. From his work in Star Trek to him as a person, Chris is definitely making himself known. He’s one of the best actors we have and, let’s be real, he’s absolutely gorgeous. So for those of you who don’t appreciate Chris as you should, we decided to give you a list of reasons.

Ranging from his movie roles to things about him personally, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with Christopher Whitelaw Pine. And while we don’t address it in the article because, you know, it hasn’t come out yet, he is playing Diana Prince’s boyfriend in the upcoming Wonder Woman. And if you didn’t love him before, I just know you’ll love him once he plays Steve Trevor.

So from Chris’s ability to make us laugh while still looking hot to his singing voice, there is just something about him that has us all swooning. With a mixture of his work and his personality and his looks, we’re going to examine everything we love about Chris. And believe me, there is a lot we love about Chris so buckle in and get ready to chat about Mr. Pine.