100 Years of Beauty Heads Back to India and Takes on the Men This Time


Sometimes you need a change of pace in learning about fashion history, and 100 Years of Beauty’s new video looks at Indian men’s fashion.

While it’s always fun to see CutVideo’s takes on women’s fashion of the past century from around the world, sometimes it’s nice to learn about the other side as well. Yes, we’re talking about men’s fashion and looks, and how those have changed over the past century. Fortunately 100 Years of Beauty as a series does do the occasional men’s video.

Their latest video tackles India once more. Check it out below:

A brief order of business: you may also want to check out who posted the video. 100 Years of Beauty as a series now has its own channel, although you can still find older videos on CutVideo’s main channel.

For some additional reference, here’s the video for Indian women’s fashion, to do some comparing and contrasting.

But back to talking about the men above. In the video description, there’s actually a link to an Imgur provided in order to show the research that went into this video. Not only are there often multiple photos for each era, there’s a lot of explanation about why certain looks were chosen and more details about Indian history.

(Also, there are additional fine men to look at in the photo gallery, which is a benefit rather than a drawback.)

Notably, from about the ’40s on, the research draws a lot of inspiration from actors, including Shah Rukh Khan. Although his ’80s look is most closely referred to, he actually could still work as a reference, as noted in the captions, even today. (Just take a look at his IMDb page. It’s rather long.)

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Which looks stand out most to you? Where should 100 Years of Beauty go next, or should they keep to doing videos of women’s fashion only?