Clear Knee Mom Jeans Are The Latest Horrible Fad For 2017


Just when you thought the next four years couldn’t really get much worse, along comes TopShop’s newest idea “Clear Knee Mom Jeans.”

Pre-ripped jeans have been a bizarre fad that has come and gone over the decades, starting in the early 80s with the rise of the hair metal scene. Instead of wearing a single pair of jeans until their wear out completely, and then still having to wear them because you didn’t own anything else, department stores allowed teenagers to buy their jeans pre-torn.

It confused parents then, but it’s got nothing on what’s confusing parents (and teens) alike now.

Behold: the “Clear Knee Mom Jean.”

TopShop, for those who are unaware, is a UK based fashion retailer who started off as an extension of a mid ranged department store. Think those in-store brands you only see at Target, like Xhiliaration. But TopShop has, by sheer force of will, clawed their way to the top of the food chain, and now show regularly at London Fashion Week, and even managed to convince a few younger starlets that they are a totally legit brand to wear to high end red carpets. Over here in the US, top end department stores like Nordstorm have started carrying them.

That doesn’t actually mean they’re exactly tasteful though. As you can see, that department store mentality is baked deep into their DNA. So much so that they think that it’s a perfectly sensible notion that, now that jeans with holes in the knees are in again, to market a more cleaned up version for mom.

The internet, of course, had opinions.

Some felt it went right with the current “darkest timeline” we’re already in.

But, as other noted, quite rightly, this is just par for the course of the “high end” fashion brand.

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We’ll see how long it takes before these become the cliched clothing item referenced in VH1’s upcoming series “I Love the 2010s.”