Star Wars Land Preview: Rise of the AT-ATs


It’s full steam ahead for Star Wars Land, and from the look of the preview, not only will it be really authentic but also look really freakin’ amazing!

We’ve seen plenty of concept art for Star Wars Land. Currently in production on both coasts (Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida), Star Wars Land promises to be a spectacular experience for any fan or visitor. In addition to piloting the Millennium Falcon, parkgoers will be immersed in an entire Star Wars world like no other, where they’ll be able to visit merchants from a galaxy far, far away and meet their favorite characters.

And all of this is due to be open as early as 2019.

Which means that the folks overseeing development won’t be resting for the next two years.

Lucky for us, that means we’ll be getting sneak peeks and previews ever so often. In fact, today saw the release of one such preview that shows the production of the AT-ATs.

Check it out below:

Now the video only puts the Imperial Walkers into motion digitally. But you really get a feel for how big they’re going to be. The previews show the head moving, and I’m pretty sure that’s the most action we’ll see in the final product. Because if you look at the metal legs, there are absolutely no joints there. So don’t expect those things to get up and start walking. They’re there for decoration.

Big, expensive decorations.

Also, did anyone watch the video on mute and just hear the Rogue One alarm? I watched the trailers enough to have that stuck in my head for eternity every time I look at an AT-AT. Or, you know, see someone running through the tube with the schematics stolen from the archives on Scarif in a scene that was ultimately cut from the final version of the film.

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Star Wars Land opens sometime in 2019 at Disney Parks in Anaheim and Orlando.