Seth Meyers vs Stephen Colbert: The Health Care Fiasco


Health care is an important topic in our country today and Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers took on the new bill proposed by Paul Ryan.

As has become the norm, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers go head to head on their take down of the president. Seth took the approach of knocking down the wiretapping issue and Paul Ryan’s health care proposal.

In his segment, Seth calls out Sean Spicer’s use of the word “prongs” and just continued with his normal jokes on issues happening. He has always had a more “Weekend Update” approach to how he gives us information.

Colbert took on Rachel Maddow. In a way that completely missed the point of what Maddow was doing. First off, she had to fill an hour. So what did people expect her to do? And his segment was fine. It was just about a joke.

And his monologue wasn’t much different. He talked about the released tax returns that Rachel Maddow talked about. Suddenly everyone thought she was going to give us all of his tax returns and single-handedly break him down.

But that’s not how this works, it didn’t take one reporter breaking Watergate. It took us quite a while. Maddow did a great job of showing us how important the tax returns really are. So she took the beginning to explain why we needed to see them.

But I guess it was an easy grab for Colbert to make fun of it. It wasn’t great so we’re giving this round to Seth.

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As normal, continue to watch these two men. They’re working hard to take on Trump and they’re doing it in a way that makes us want to continue to watch them. And really, that’s something special.