Samantha Bee Shows Us That We Need to Do More


Every time we cry about this election, Samantha Bee seems to have something to help us see what we can do to help. The problem is, we’re not doing it.

Samantha Bee shows us that screaming about our problems isn’t enough. Meaning that we can’t just protest and not do something about what is going on in our country. This week, she reminded us that the resistance cannot just be us marching and complaining but then failing to turn out and vote.

As she checked in with the resistance, she pointed out all the times that Democrats have failed to elect democratic representatives into the senate after the election of Donald Trump. Meaning we all cried and complained and said we’d do everything to fight him and then half of us didn’t go out and vote in our states when we needed to.

Check out the video:

Sam wasn’t done with calling out us democrats for not doing what we said we would do, she also explained what in the world “deep state” means. Basically this administration is continuing to blame Obama for everything.

The Trump administration truly believes that they are victims of the Obama administration because they didn’t want him in there. How surprising that Trump is passing blame and saying the leaks came from Obama because of what is going wrong in his administration.

“The Deep State can be whatever the person in power wants it to be”, Samantha points out and she’s right. It is whoever Trump can blame his problems on.

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Samantha Bee is one of the most prominent voices we have right now and she continues to be amazing with everything she does. And because of that, continue to watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee every week!