The Great British Bake Off Has Revealed the Channel 4 Hosting and Judging Foursome


Since pretty much everyone left the show, Channel 4 had to find three more people to surround Paul Hollywood on The Great British Bake Off.

How weird to think that the new makeup for a baking show deserves a hashtag working off of a pun on a now-legendary photo of Kim Kardashian wearing some pearls, black gloves, and little else. Such is the world we now live in, and such is the world that The Great British Bake Off finds itself navigating now that it’s moved to Channel 4. 

If you’ll recall, as the show packed up its baking materials and moved to Channel 4, it lost Mary Berry, she who determines what is a soggy bottom and what is not. Mel Perkins and Sue Giedroyc, they who use funny voices and provide excellent puns, also stayed with the BBC. However, the show will soldier on with Paul Hollywood and three new people, as announced by the show’s official Twitter:

Did we not promise the Kardashian pun?

Anyway, Prue Leith, as she says on her own website, has a set of novels that feature cooking prominently, has been a caterer and a restaurant owner, and also has hosted television shows before. Will she try to mimic Mary Berry’s gentle yet firm judging style, or be all gentleness without any firmness?

Sandi Toksvig, meanwhile, is a comedienne who also writes books, goes on TV, and does all sorts of other things as well. She took to Twitter to note that she also thinks hosting is “an extraordinary honour.”

Hopefully she won’t take hosting too seriously … or at least act like she won’t take it too seriously.

Finally, Noel Fielding has not yet taken to Twitter to talk about how pleased he is to host the show with Sandi Toksvig, but he, too, is a comedian.

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Will you tune in to this new edition of The Great British Bake Off?