New Game of Thrones Cabernet From Vintage Wine Estates & HBO


HBO loves Game of Thrones fans, and they know we love drinking. So they’ve teamed up with an award-winning vintner to bring us three Game of Thrones wines.

HBO knows how much Game of Thrones fans love drinking, and they love us. So they’re giving us more booze.

In February 2017, HBO Global Licensing introduced Brewery Ommegang’s Bend The Knee Golden Ale. Now they’re at it again, with three Game of Thrones wines from acclaimed California winemaker Bob Cabral and Vintage Wine Estates.

This collaboration happened not just because of Cabral’s expertise; he also loves Game of Thrones. It shows in the clever pairings of wine varieties with Game of Thrones house sigils. The three-headed dragon of House Targaryen decorates their Paso Robles Red Blend. The Direworlf of House Stark adorns the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. And the Chardonnay shows the golden Lion of Lannister.

Game of Thrones wines from Bob Cabral and Vintage Wine Estates (Image via HBO Global Licensing)

Wine Is Coming

Game of Thrones Wines‘ descriptions are on point. They describe the Paso Robles in style:

"This blend of select lots is considered among the finest in the Seven Kingdoms by those who prefer dry, robust reds. And we do like red. Often served at feasts, paired with hearty meats, roasts and blackbird pie, poured at Small Council sessions."

Regarding the Cabernet, they want us to know that

"Master winemaker Bob Cabral has summoned his legendary skills to craft a wine worthy of the Iron Throne. Sourced from the finest wine-growing kingdoms of the land, it is as complex as the tales and histories it acclaims. Revel in the winemaker’s art, for winter is here."

But they don’t seem as excited about the Chardonnay:

"This elegant white is favored by those who prefer a golden, refined quaff."

I can’t really blame them, because I cannot stand oak barrel aged Chardonnay. Why do they always ruin perfectly good wine that way? That grape makes a crisp and refreshing wine, but oak barrel aged Chardonnay tastes sweet and buttery. Great for poaching pears, not so much for me drinking it. My opinion is what matters here, after all. Not only that, but I’m not 100% sure I agree with their choice of House Lannister to represent their Chardonnay. Cersei wants red wine. And I’m pretty sure that Arbor Gold is a sweet and buttery Chardonnay. However, California red wines are another matter entirely. Cersei would buy a case each of the proprietary red and the Cabernet Sauvignon.

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You can buy Game of Thrones Chardonnay and Red Blend online right now. They’ll have the Cabernet by March 20. All three will be in stores around America in April.