The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Mona and Angela

Although we may have never quite figured out who the boss actually was, if I had a vote, I would definitely nominate Mona. Mona was the fiery redheaded mother to the mousey Angela, and the two were constantly at odds about how the other should run their life.

One decision Mona did agree with, however, was her choice to hire hunky, ex-baseball player, Tony Micelli as her live-in housekeeper. Tony was played by the dreamy, all-American Tony Danza, and he kept us all swooning. Watching him vacuum with a shirt off was something Angela and Mona could definitely come together on.

Mona was fun and liked to have a good time, and this often clashed with Angela’s seriousness and strong work ethic. The two were often at each other’s throats, but they could always come together when it counted. Like to sneak a peek at Tony unloading the dishwasher.

Angela and Mona’s relationship is proof that moms don’t have to force their daughters into carbon copies of themselves. And for daughters, the relationship offers a lesson about looking at your mom as a human and accepting that she can be something you didn’t totally expect.