The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Rainbow, Zoey, and Diane

You have to love a mother that’s willing to try so hard. No matter what, Rainbow is trying to insert herself into her daughters’ lives. I can even forgive her extreme desperation, because her enthusiasm is so damn endearing.

Rainbow may be a successful doctor and devoted wife, but as a mother to Zoey and Diane, she’s often just extra. Zoey is a teenage girl in every terrifying aspect of that cliche, and keeps her mother at a chilly distance. Any mother who has suffered through those teenage years with a daughter deserves a special recognition, but Rainbow is undeterred by the mean stares and eye rolls. She just keeps coming back for more, and Zoey notices. Every once in a while she’s thaw enough to listen to and appreciate her mother, and all Rainbow’s efforts are vindicated.

Her younger daughter, Diane, is younger and very different than her family. Exceptionally smart, Diane’s tendencies can go a little darker. Rainbow, as always, enthusiastically supports her. Even then Diane wants a bear trap for her birthday, Rainbow tries to be understanding. Diane can be a bit scary at times, but Rainbow just keeps on loving her through all that scary menace. She even bought the child some nunchucks.