A New Chris Evans Photoshoot Has the Internet Buzzing


Chris Evans, the Captain America of our hearts, has a new photoshoot that has everyone on Twitter swooning over the actor and rightfully so.

It seems as if the battle of the Chrises has begun to rage once more as Chris Evans released a photoshoot that has the internet losing their minds. And really though, you can’t blame them. From photographer Mark Segal, it shows Chris doing household things.

And really, who knew that we needed a photoshoot of Chris just lazing about a house. But here we are and we’re all losing our minds over it.

The thing is, the battle of the Chrises is one that every fangirl knows well. You have your favorite Chris and when someone opposes you, you have to defend him. But what happens when you love them all for different reasons? For me, it definitely goes Chris Pine as number one, then Chris Evans, then whoever else because that’s all I care about.

But this photoshoot definitely knocked him up a few pegs. And Mark Segal seemed to look into all our brains and figure out exactly what we all wanted to see from our favorite hunky superhero. Even if we didn’t know we wanted Chris Evans eating a bowl of cereal before now.

But now that we have this photoshoot, it is apparently everything we could have hoped for. Mainly because it is bearded Chris looking dashing with a dog and some food. And those are the best kinds of photoshoots! They make for great lock screens on our phones!

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So which Chris is your favorite and why? Sound off in the comments below and let us know! You probably won’t change my mind on Pine but who knows, people change!