Why I Will Love Beauty and the Beast No Matter What


Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite Disney movie for as long as I can remember and here’s why I’ll love the live-action remake!

To many, Beauty and the Beast is their favorite Disney movie. So as one of those people, I’m taking the time out to explain why I’m excited about this new movie. While you probably don’t care about why it is my favorite or why I’m writing this, too bad.

This movie, to me, means the world to me. Growing up, my mom knew she had a weird kid. So she took me to my first Broadway show when I was five years old. We were in New York City for my brother’s birthday so she got me tickets to The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. She was worried I’d be disappointed since we saw The Lion King first but I wasn’t deterred. Mainly because Belle was my favorite and I loved every moment of the musical.

My love continued to grow as I grew up and I even dressed up my pet bird in my Belle’s Barbie dress. (I still feel bad for my bird Sally and I understand why he hates us all now.) And through the years, it has gotten to the point where my niece said “Really? I think you love Belle too much” when we were in Disney.

So to me, this movie represents my love throughout my childhood. Belle taught me to follow my heart and be adventurous and for that, I’m going to love this movie no matter what. “I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell.”

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Beauty and the Beast hits theaters this March 17th and get excited!