The Beauty and the Beast Cast Recording is Here and We’ve Got Opinions


As the movie quickly approaches, the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack has finally been released and really, it is everything we wanted it to be.

As we anxiously await the release of Beauty and the Beast to theaters, Disney has released the entire cast recording a week before the movie was released. And while it is pretty great, we have some opinions.

Mainly that some of the songs are just unnecessary and really didn’t need to be added. And why “If I Can’t Love Her” was replaced by “Evermore”, I’ll never know.


Honestly, Audra McDonald can sing the phonebook and we should all listen to her singing. Because she is everything we could have hoped for with this movie. But is anyone surprised? She does have six Tony awards.


While I’m a little mad that the women who says “I need six eggs” did not say it the right way, this song is fine. It is pretty much the same except for the crazy responses by the villagers, but hopefully that is fixed in the film.

How Does a Moment Last Forever

Okay but why though? It’s fine. Kevin Kline didn’t need a song but now he has one and it is just kind of whatever.

Belle (Reprise)

This is the best part in the movie (kind of) because Belle says “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” And really, it is the moment that many of our hearts were sold on Belle.


Josh Gad has too good of a singing voice to play LeFou and Luke Evans’ voice is a little too high. Other than that, it is “Gaston”.

Be Our Guest

Easily the best song on the soundtrack, their version of the song is everything we wanted it to be. Just the typical “Be Our Guest” with new voices.

Days in the Sun

We thought Stanley Tucci wasn’t singing yet here we are. And this is a beautiful song for the movie. Really, that’s all we need to say about it. It is just really pretty.

Something There

The song where Belle and the Beast begin to fall in love with one another is extremely important to the story. And their version shows that beautifully and is really amazing.

How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre)

Maybe we had that stupid Kevin Kline one to get this one for Belle and this is really cute. There is a little glimmer of the song “Home” in it from the Broadway production and that is all we could have asked for.

Beauty and the Beast

Really if this song is bad, just don’t bother. And it really wasn’t. It’s a pretty good song for what it is. (Audra sings it later.) But this is the most important moment in the whole movie and Emma Thompson does a pretty great job.


Okay here is the thing, this song replaced “If I Can’t Love Her” which is a great song, so I’m just bitter about that. But it really isn’t that terrible except for that weird Beast voice that Dan Stevens is doing. Prince Adam doesn’t have to be a weird sounding dude but here we are. Anyway, it’s fine.

The Mob Song

This is literally the same and as it should be. Because really, you can’t mess up “The Mob Song.” It’s just so easy.

Beauty and the Beast (Finale)

And to end out the soundtrack, we have this beautiful song. And with Audra singing it, the world grew a little happier.

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