15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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14. I Am Become Death (1.10)

There’s nothing like a little biological warfare to bring people closer together. Bellamy and Clarke have always had a knack for finding humor in the darkest of times – gallows humor is kind of their thing, you know? – and when they both were bleeding out their faces and dying of some Grounder disease, these two are making each other laugh.


"“You got enough food in there? Water?” “Yeah. Some medicine might be nice.” “I’ll see what I can do.”"

It’s not all laughs, of course – it never is on The 100, and especially when most of your camp is infected with some sort of plague. When Murphy first stumbles back into camp and Clarke tends to him, it’s Bellamy that worriedly asks if he did something to her. When someone starts shouting at Clarke about taking care of Murphy – who stumbled back into camp after being banished, infected with the plague that is now getting to all of them – it’s Bellamy who attacks them the second they point a gun at her. And, yes, Bellamy isn’t thrilled with Clarke when he learns that Octavia snuck off to find Lincoln and get help but, hey, it all worked out in the end.

When Bellamy falls ill not too long after Clarke and wakes up from his fevered state, he immediately looks over to the hammock he’d last seen her in – and is briefly worried, before she comes over to take care of him.

It’s the kind of easy partnership they’d fallen into – an understanding, if you will. They look out for the camp together, and they look out for each other. It’s easy, and comfortable, and most of all, they care about each other.

They’ve come a long way from essentially wanting each other dead.