15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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5. Fighting For Each Other (3.02)

"“Bellamy?” “I’ll get you out of here.”"

At the beginning of season 3, we see Clarke off in the wildnerness on her own, her self imposed exile and nearly unrecognizable, with red dyed hair and killer survival skills, a haunted look in her eyes. But when Indra comes to the sky people to warn them that people everywhere are hunting Clarke – now known as Wanheda, the Commander of Death – Bellamy, Monty and Kane spring into action to find her, wherever she may be, and bring her home.

It’s a little late, of course. Roan, then known as a rogue, exiled Azgeda warrior, has captured her and is bringing her somewhere for a pretty bounty. But Bellamy and company are hot on his trail – and when company wants to slow down and play it safe, Bellamy has none of it, instead opting to sneak his way through a marching Azgeda army steathily and track Clarke himself.

He finds her nearby, in a long abandoned subway tunnel, tied up, and is working on freeing her when Roan gets the upper hand, knocking him down.

Clarke, in turn, begs for his life. She’d been fighting Roan tooth and nail the entire way, stabbing him at one point – but with Bellamy on the end of Roan’s sword, she’s done.

"“No, please! Please don’t! I’ll do anything, I’ll stop fighting, just please don’t kill him.”"

Roan, mercifully, let’s Bellamy live – but not before stabbing him in the leg and knocking him unconscious with instructions not to follow.

Which, of course, when Bellamy wakes up, he tries not to listen to, hobbling in the direction he thinks they may have gone. It’s how Kane, Monty and crew find him – bleeding from the leg, limping, and distraught.

"“Bellamy. I want to find her, too. But look at your leg. You could die out here, we have no trail -” “We can’t lose Clarke! We can’t lose her.”"

Both of them are desperate to rescue the other, even if it’s at the risk of their own life – and no matter who you ship, no matter what you believe the nature of their relationship is, you can’t deny that they care deeply for each other, and are willing to do just about anything to save one another, no matter what that means for their own life.