March Pi Day Madness: 14 Pie Recipes And 3 Pie Crusts To Celebrate 3.14

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Cherry pie (Image via Pixabay – Public Domain)

Cherry Pie

They say there’s nothing more American than apple pie, but I am going to throw down and say that also too cherry. It’s exactly what I think of when I imagine ordering a slice of pie at a diner in the 50s. Or hanging around in a wholesome small town like Twin Peaks, Washington.

This cherry pie recipe from Lucky Leaf is extra American for its convenience. Lucky Leaf is an farmer-owned company that’s been around since 1947. Don’t hate on cans. Canned cherries are easy to get, keep well, and it make a darn tasty filling. Also, I never find fresh sour cherries in the store.

You can also try this recipe from Oregon fruit. Their canned cherries are packed in juice, for less sweetness. It really all depends on what you can find. You can order tart cherries online, and some Eastern European groceries sour cherries in light syrup. They’re used in traditional recipes like sour cherry soup, but I’d really rather use them to make delicious pies.

Recommended ice cream pairing: You think I’m going to say vanilla, don’t know? Nope. Top it with chocolate ice cream. Chocolate and cherries are a classic combination.