March Pi Day Madness: 14 Pie Recipes And 3 Pie Crusts To Celebrate 3.14

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Banana Cream Pie

Check out this beautiful banana cream pie from Daisy sour cream. I love sour cream as a dessert ingredient. It adds a certain tanginess that gives the flavor extra edge. And it’s so creamy-luscious.

There are so many bananas in this pie. If you make it with light sour cream it’s basically health food. It’s also high in potassium from the bananas, so this is a great pre-workout food. And it’s definitely a perfect breakfast pie (not like there’s a bad one).

The one drawback here is that the ingredients include pudding mix. I looked high and low for a banana pudding recipe that isn’t vanilla pudding with bananas inside and couldn’t find one. There are these instructions for pudding from scratch from Instructables that has different flavor variations, but not banana. Why? I think it’s because most banana-flavored products we buy use artificial flavoring or banana extract, which home cooks don’t usually have. That said, you can buy banana extract online, but use sparingly. That stuff is strong!

Recommended ice cream pairing: Ice cream with a pile of pudding and whipped cream? That sounds like dairy overkill. However, chocolate ice cream is very good with bananas.